Messer Cutting System ofrece el programa Virtual Service ™ en apoyo de nuestra línea completa de máquinas de corte. Este paquete único permite a nuestro equipo de expertos diagnosticar de forma remota muchos problemas que, en el pasado, habrían requerido un técnico in situ. El servicio virtual reduce el tiempo de inactividad y el costo de enviar a un técnico de campo, ya que la resolución de problemas y las preguntas se pueden manejar rápidamente mientras el operador observa cada paso en el control global.

A través del uso de su conexión a Internet, somos capaces de ver los mismos datos que se muestran al operador de nuevo en nuestras instalaciones. Ahora, a través de la gran cantidad de información de diagnóstico en el Control global, que incluye un osciloscopio integrado, podemos proporcionar solución remota de problemas y actualizaciones a su software según sea necesario.

Póngase en contacto con nuestro departamento de servicio 262-532-4639 para obtener más información.


Messer Cutting Systems, Inc.

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Messer crew,

                Let me say thank you for all of your continued excellence in support.  Not 24 hrs after a call for support, and I have replacement parts installed thanks to your sharing the load of urgency with us.  On top of the outstanding builds, Messer support is the number one reason we don’t even consider another manufacturer for our next table purchase.  We count on our tables to stay producing.  Time and again Messer Support makes sure this one does.  No other piece of equipment we own has a manufacturer backbone like our Messer.  From everyone who counts on steel to keep flowing through these doors, thank you.   

Jesse Parker – SWF Industrial


Caterpillar has a legacy of manufacturing excellence and meticulously evaluates any tools we bring onto our production floor. Messer Cutting Systems has exceeded our expectations in this application of heavy plate cutting and beveling. The staff at Messer were engaged from start to finish; asking the right questions on the front end and supporting the machine in the field on the back end.

Matt Zulkowski, Caterpillar, Inc.

We utilize the Messer Titan III plasma table to manage production of cross members, risers, tank heads, large steel sheets, and all pedestal parts we cut. We run our machine five to seven days a week and have been doing so for several months now. The capability of the Messer Titan III plasma table has allowed EMIT to not only simplify its manufacturing processes but to assemble high-value parts that we can turn into high-value components for our customers.

Brady Besel, EMIT Technologies

Messer is always there for us, always gives an answer to questions in a timely fashion, and provides great tech support.

David Dunlap, Construct Inc.

At the Warren Company we have embraced a philosophy of continuous improvements to keep ahead of the market demands to best serve our customers.  We strive to partner with industry leaders and to best utilize the most advanced technology. To make this happen, we have selected Messer to advance our manufacturing capabilities. Messer has been instrumental in our efforts to continually move the Warren Company forward. We have never questioned Messer and we are proud to have them as a supplier and partner.

Robert Warren – The Warren Company